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Updated: Feb 15

to everyone and everything around you. Here at GoGo, Christmas is more than a gift and mistletoe. It's a a way to shout out to the friends and family in our lives that we love them and have hearts filled with gratitude for all they bring to our lives. Santa and his elves and all the traditional holiday cheer is something we enjoy, but our on our tables we spread our real love with homemade treats as gifts that make our loved ones smile.

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How many of us have had the blessings to have been a child enjoying summers in Wisconsin? Who remembers the long summer days filled with long rows of lush green corn stalks...knee high by the fourth of July. Or perhaps listening to the distant mooing of cows in a field grazing ands swinging their tails lazily in the heat of the sun. I had the additional blessing of a grandmother who had a large garden every summer. It was by the machine shed on the old family farm. Large and rectangular, it was lined with zinnias, perhaps the most whimsical touch for a plot of land meant to provide the essential ingredients of sustenance. Ten rows of vegetables were perfectly straight and tilled by my grandpa each spring. In the heat of August, the crusted rows of dirt became hardened and crunchy under my shoes. But the rows of lush green vegetables, in particular the tomatoes, those large plants that looked like the dress skirts of an antebellum bride, burst with beautiful red fruit. Oh to taste that tomato of hers again. From her hand to my mouth and a sprinkle of salt in between, every bite was delicious. What a blessing and joy it is to be in Wisconsin in the summer.

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I am going to share with you a secret hidden close to my heart. It is reveals how much I love to be close to my family and friends. As these last days of winter start to merge into spring, part of me is melancholy. Don't misunderstand, I cherish the lovely, sunny days of summer and those cool night breezes sleeping with open bedroom windows. However, staying those sweet extra minutes in bed cuddling to avoid the chilled winter air is no longer. Summer, like the popular kid, calls everyone outside to play. And as fun as that may be, the closeness we share melts like winter's last snow. The seasons march on and with a gracious yet reluctant air, I say hello to spring.

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