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Snow is falling today here in this tiny village in Wisconsin. Mounds of fresh snowflakes piling up in my yard makes me dream about warmer days and walking through my grandmother's garden. This is her passion. Each year she plants in early spring, full of hope of what the new season brings. As her grandson, I had the pleasure of picking these ripe little treats at each visit. Those days are no where in site now with all this white and cold blanketing the ground. Finding some green in my fridge and filling a plate with fresh veggies is a luxury. One that I am more grateful for at this time of year.

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Good, nutritious food is at the heart of our lives. It's in our homes, in our friendships, in our families, and most of all in our memories. It brings us closer to ourselves and each other as a form of self expression. Each ingredient carefully chosen exposing our desire to make something special, expressive, and delicious. Find your heart's desire, bring it to life in the kitchen, and share it with those you love.

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