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August in Wisconsin....

How many of us have had the blessings to have been a child enjoying summers in Wisconsin? Who remembers the long summer days filled with long rows of lush green corn stalks...knee high by the fourth of July. Or perhaps listening to the distant mooing of cows in a field grazing ands swinging their tails lazily in the heat of the sun. I had the additional blessing of a grandmother who had a large garden every summer. It was by the machine shed on the old family farm. Large and rectangular, it was lined with zinnias, perhaps the most whimsical touch for a plot of land meant to provide the essential ingredients of sustenance. Ten rows of vegetables were perfectly straight and tilled by my grandpa each spring. In the heat of August, the crusted rows of dirt became hardened and crunchy under my shoes. But the rows of lush green vegetables, in particular the tomatoes, those large plants that looked like the dress skirts of an antebellum bride, burst with beautiful red fruit. Oh to taste that tomato of hers again. From her hand to my mouth and a sprinkle of salt in between, every bite was delicious. What a blessing and joy it is to be in Wisconsin in the summer.

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