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About Gogo Guaco

Hello, my name is Charles Twohig and I'm the founder of GoGo. Our company started at a kitchen counter creating a recipe out of the desire to  serve a fresh  and all natural dish to our family. An innate talent and enthusiasm for delicious and healthy recipes soon led us to create specialty dips for our growing company. We are proud to be a specialty food brand in the country's heartland. From our headquarters in a small  rural area in Wisconsin, we will soon be bringing to America's table new and exciting ideas while never wavering from our commitment to quality.

friends enjoying a dinner with guacamole and drinks at outside with light teal and yellow

Fresh Twist

Our company is bringing a fresh twist to the premium guacamole market. Through our knowledge and understanding of a traditional recipe, our unique kit of ingredients sets us apart. Our production process creates the authentic taste of a mortar and pestle dip that consumers enjoy making with no hassle or prep. Our dips are fresh and all natural with no preservatives.

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